Expected Conduct

Welcome to NCPDP Collaborative Work Space. To build solutions to industry challenges, NCPDP provides an open forum via task group meetings to allow collaborative, consensus-building processes to occur. Membership in NCPDP is highly encouraged but is not required for task group involvement. NCPDP allows all materially interested individuals to join and participant in the NCPDP task groups with the expectation that all participants agree to abide by the NCPDP code of conduct and antitrust policy.

I.  Expected Conduct

Participants and their participation:

  • Will not engage in disruptive, inappropriate, verbally or sexually harassing behavior toward others, and will observe the personal boundaries set by others while participating in NCPDP events.
  • Will be respectful and civil to other participants, even if there is disagreement.
  • Will comply with all applicable copyright and intellectual property laws, and will adhere to any related guidelines issued by NCPDP.
  • Will respect the privacy of fellow participants.
  • Will not represent themselves or their company using NCPDP’s name in such a manner as to imply endorsement by NCPDP in order to advance personal or company sales, leads or other gain.

Breach of the Expected Conduct

Failure to comply with this expected conduct constitutes a material breach of these terms. NCPDP will make the sole decision as to whether there has been a breach of this expected conduct. If NCPDP determines there is a breach of the expected conduct, NCPDP will take whatever action is appropriate.

NCPDP excludes liability for actions taken in response to breaches of this expected code.

II.  NCPDP Antitrust Policy for Collaborative Workspace

It is necessary that NCPDP meetings operate under certain guidelines. It is important to utilize these guidelines to ensure certain principles of NCPDP are followed and to protect ourselves from any possible violations of antitrust laws.

There shall be no discussion of price or the terms or conditions of sale of products or services of any participant during any meeting of any committee/work group/task group of NCPDP. Nor shall there be any discussion of allocating customers, territories, or product markets, boycotts of anyone, or limitations on the quality or quantity of production.